Flash messages

Status messages are useful, but redirects will cause them to be lost, because they need to be returned in { form }, usually as a response from a POST request.

Since it’s common to redirect after a successful post, especially in backend interfaces, the form.message property isn’t a general solution for displaying status messages.

The sister library to Superforms is called sveltekit-flash-message, a useful addon that handles temporary messages sent with redirects. Note that at least version 1.0 is required!


The library works together with Superforms without any extra configuration, usually you can replace the Superforms status messages with the flash message, and that will work very well.

But if you have some special use case where you need to integrate the flash message more closely with a form, you can do that by importing its module when calling superForm:

import * as flashModule from 'sveltekit-flash-message/client';

const { form, errors, enhance } = superForm(data.form, {
  flashMessage: {
    module: flashModule,
    onError?: ({ result, flashMessage }) => {
      // Error handling for the flash message:
      // - result is the ActionResult
      // - flashMessage is the flash store (not the status message store)
      const errorMessage = result.error.message
      flashMessage.set(/* Your flash message type */);
  syncFlashMessage: false

Then the following options are available:


If set to true, when form.message is updated, the flash message will be synchronized with it, including honoring the clearOnSubmit option.

It’s important that the flash and form message types are matching, in this case. See this section on how to make the form message strongly typed.


If a form error occurs, which happens when error(...) is called in a form action (and use:enhance is added to the form), the flashMessage.onError callback can be used to transform it into your flash message type, so you can display the error at the flash message instead of in form.message.