Help & Support

There are two ways of getting support with using Superforms:

Free support

If you’re using Superforms in a personal or non-profit project, support is completely free; a star on Github is more than enough if you want to show your appreciation. Join #free-support on Discord and ask away!

Commercial support

If you’re making or aiming to make money on your project, a donation proportional to the current profit of the project or the company you work for, will give you a month of commercial support. Donate with one of the options below, then ask in the #commercial-support channel on Discord, or on Github.

For a longer period, you can make a monthly donation. Any $10 or higher monthly donation will be listed on the Sponsors page with a picture and link, and on Discord as a Sponsor. Many thanks if you want to support Open Source Software in this way!

Bug reporting

Please report bugs as an issue on Github.

Fixing bugs and working on new features will be handled in due time, but if you want to speed up the process, a donation is welcome, or you can submit a pull request, since with open source, we can also pay with our time.

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